Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Siap Essay untuk Mara

 Essay tentang perihal diri, perancangan dan kerjaya , ayat ku hancur sikit dalam bi campur aduk pown ada jugak huhu , dha dalam bi dha lah lama tak buat esei disuruh buat esei , dalam bahasa melayu takpe lha jugak but in english !!! tapi biarlha . bw saya nak kongsi contoh untuk rakan bloggers saya .

Essay about me , Planning and Carreer
My name is Nurmarini bt Mohd . I am the only daughter among 4 siblings of Ramli bin Mohammad and Che Meriam binti Ab Razak . I was born on 14 June 1997 in Terengganu . I stayed with my family at Besut Terengganu in year 2007 because we move in my father’s hometown , before we moved in we were in Sabah about 10 years . My father is retire policeman and my mother also retire policewoman . I am a humble and shy .
I was receiving early education at Tadika Hadanah at Sabah when at age 4 years, only 1 years I study at Tadika Hadinah , After that my parents transferred at Tadika Tunasari Pre-School Centre also at Sabah which is closer to my house only about 200 meters. I learned in Tadika Tunasari at age 5 years to 6 years . I started my primary education at SRK Convent St. Francis the school located is near at Bukit Pandang . The distance between my home and school about 6 km . I study at St. Francis from age 7 years to 10 years . After that , my parents transferred I to another primary school at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Raja , Besut Terengganu . I study at SK Kampung Raja from age 10 years to 12 years. During the year 2009 , I took the UPSR examination and passed with flying colours to score 1A3B1C . I furthered my lower secondary education at SMK Permaisuri Nur Zahirah Besut in the years 2010 . When I was form one , I’ve been list 10 students excellent in Mathematics in mid-year exam  , I’m from class number 4 when I was form one and I got a gift an exercise mathematic book from my principal . When I was form two I was active in co-curricular activities  . I have participated in the Besut District Level Speech Choir Piala Yayasan Diraja Sultan Mizan and also has participated in the Besut District Level Choral Speaking Competition .  In year 2012 i’m form 3 ,I also participated in the Besut District Level Choral Speaking and win in fourth place.  i took examination PMR and I only get 3A4B1C .
When I was form 4 I study in class pure science . I love the subjects such as biology , but I’m not struggle with the subject. I always got D in Biology because its not to easy . Only subject mathematic I score B+ or A solid . In form 4 I being independent and adaptable when I was given responsibilities to be the librarian . Its very fun to be librarian , I can read many books in library and arrange the books . Librarian its not only the books we must to focus but all , because we also a perfect our duties more at library but also student discipline . In form 4 I was participated petanque competition in school level and got second place . I took my examination in year 2014 and as the result I got 1A-1B+2B1C4D . I tried to maintain in some subjects but I failed . I just simply pass in all subject pure science and can’t get any credits score for the subjects . I make my parents disappointed because my parents want I be a doctor . Maybe I’m not have an ability to be a doctor . I have received offers from many colleges , but I’m only interested in a field which is Poly-Tech Mara College of Diploma in Accountancy . I love Mathematics subjects since I was form 1 , so that’s why I choose Accountancy that is quite similar to the subjects . The Diploma in Accountancy  field is one area in which closer ties with trade and business activities. Accounting is a career field that is important and required by any institution. This is because almost all institutions have to operate profit-oriented and related matters involving the management of financial operations including budgeting manage, maintain facilities, and institutional improvement. Whatever the management and certain transactions involving money and accountants duty to identify and organize all the incoming and budgetary outlay budgets, expenditure statements to facilitate the management to make estimates and action. In addition, the accountants of our country can be experts in the Accountant General's Department or Ministry of Finance .Therefore, I focused myself in the field of accounts and by this I began to love the area and I believe account for the physiology of the English Napeolen Ill "whatever the mind conceives man can achieve" where I planted myself in the account is a broad field and I realized that jobs in this field is very wide, not only are we able to work under someone else but can open the "firm" on its own . I plan to develop a workforce that is a group of accountants working in a firm that provides accounting services to individuals, businesses and governments. There are several major firms that are dominant in this area. Public accounting profession will give me a good start where i can get experience before progressing further. Based on my recommendation, I must study more diligenty in this area so that I can achieve my ambitions as a finance minister. Formulating and implementing fiscal and monetary policies for the distribution and management of financial resources are carried out efficiently and effectively,  Formulate and provide procedures, principles and procedures of accounting and financial management system to be implemented by all Government Departments / Agency,  Prepare annual budgets, Monitor the implementation of the annual budget. That is responsibilities if I be a finance minister . I wish and set a high hope that one day I will be able to be a minister finance.
This is all about me , my education and career planning if I took Diploma in Accountancy as my primary choice to further my study . Despite, of deep interest in this field , accounting  also serve a lot of golden opportunity in Malaysia , especially for today and future . Its about our finance economy Malaysia in good conditions no debts . This job not only making money and prepare annual budgets but also mainly how to improve the country towards progress in achieving the Vision 2020 . As this field is less monopolized by the malay bumiputras . I think I’ve had the responsibilities to help my people and give opinion to choose accounts as the first choice after SPM . I will surely do anything to achieve my goals . Moreover, dentistry will be one of rewarding career and surely people will start to look for a chance to get to know more about it.



sha purplegirl said...

Whoaa, being an accountant such as my ambition but i prefer to being a doctor most cz i like bio too. haha. also chemistry, but untill now my result is only cukup2 makan . TT

faimar sweet said...

huhu same lha my result spm xboleh nk jadi doktor , so prefer accountant lha